This Chocolate Yeeescake - aka cheesecake without the cheese -  is one for the books and here for you to try. If you would like to give this delicious Vegan cheesecake a shot you had better put 2 cups of water in a bowl in spring water to soak and you can begin making in four hours. Soak cashews for four hours or overnight. 

Full transparency, I tried this recipe from a google search five years ago and have since modified the original multiple times. I doubled the recipe at one point and added a few goodies. The toppings 'take the cake' if you ask me. (pictured are strawberries and mint, but today I am adding fresh organic blues) I am making this today to celebrate an accomplished week and some alone time on a Friday. I typically make this to celebrate with groups of about eight people - social and spacial distances apply, of course ;) 


1 cup pitted dates 

1 cup almonds 

½ cup flaked coconut 

1 tblspn maple syrup 


2 cup raw cashews soaked 

1/4 cup coconut butter 

1/3 cup maple syrup 

1 tspn vanilla extract

½ cup unsweetened cacao powder 

dash of sea salt 

¾ cup coconut or almond milk 

Toppings: optional

Vegan Chocolate Syrup 

Fresh berries of any assortment 

Mint leaves 

Directions: (soak cashews over night or for 4 hours)

  1. Spray a nine-inch round spring-form pan with cooking oil (such as avocado oil). 
  2. To make the crust, blend the dates, almonds, maple syrup and coconut flakes in a food processor until fully mixed and binds when pressed together. Press the crust mixture into the bottom of and up the sides of the pan halfway. Use your fingers and make sure to firmly press before setting aside. Rinse the food processor. 
  3. For the filling, drain the cashews well. Place cashews into the food processor with the coconut butter, maple syrup, vanilla, cocoa, sea salt, and milk. Blend extremely well, about 5 minutes on highest setting. Poor the filling into the center of the crust and allow to spread out near the edges of the crust. Place the finished cheesecake in the freezer for four hours or overnight before serving. Remove the cake from the pan by placing in in piping hot water for 5-10 seconds and removing from spring form. 

Garnish with fresh berries or mint leaves and Vegan Chocolate Syrup

Serve chilled after a balanced meal! mMmmmmmm.... so good. 

***helpful hint :: I like to cut this up into one inch by one inch squares and serve as "cheesecake bites" !! Have fun with service, esp if you're sharing :) 

Thank you for being and being here,