Why do we Start with a Juice Fast and what is it?  

Cleansing your Colon is paramount in the whole health process. Fasting from solid food is a break for your intestinal tract and digestive system which maintains 80% of your energy. This energy will be better utilized during and after a Juice Fast. This energy will be seen in cognitive function as well as in your bodies ability to process past, present and future injuries.

This is why we start with an intestinal cleanse or a Juice Fast. If your colon is not cleansed once a year, at minimum, the rest of your bodily systems will not function at their highest capacity.

Making other health shifts without first addressing colon health could be likened to maintaining proper care of your car all year round with tire rotations and engine checks, new breaks every time recommended by the dealer and doing all of the maintenance right on time, and NEVER changing the oil. You would not dream of doing this damage to your beloved vehicle, right? Well, your body is your vehicle for Life and you must change the oil. You must cleanse your colon in order for your stomach and liver and kidneys, and so on, to function correctly.

Check out our cleanses which are pre-designed and packed with everything you need to be successful on a cleanse. No, it isn’t easy. Yes, It is worth it. 

You can also choose to do a cleanse by purchasing TWO 64oz Growlers per each day you wish to cleanse or "Juice Fast".