The Green Tender


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This nutrient rich, hydrating, low calorie piece is something to dish about. 

We use e3live’s trademark Blue Majik spirulina extract to enhance a simple 100% pure honeydew melon. Of course she’s organic! 

Honeydew melon is a sweet, luscious vine ripened treat from the same family as cucumbers, pumpkin, squash and the other famous melon 🍉 watermelon.

Among many cellular benefits, eating honeydew melon (or drinking it in this case) can help boost cognitive health and prevent mood disorders like depression. 

The bitter & pungent algae pairs well and cuts the sweet by half. 

Overall, we are thoroughly impressed with the macros — blue green algae offers fat, protein, carbs, B12 and so much more!! 

Lastly, this Blue Job is a great hangover cure for obvious and numerous reasons listed above!