The Green Tender


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So, these are fun! 

I started making raw coconut juice about six months ago and quickly noticed the shells were perfect starter planters for baby plant propagates and herbs. So we filled them up with dirt.

Each coconut has a natural drainage hole at the bottom so that the soil of your baby plant can breathe and dry out appropriately between watering. There is also charcoal at the bottom to ensure extra breathing room. 

we chose small plant propagates and built a small stand for each coconut shell. you will want to water your coco-planter, only when the soil is fairly dry, over the sink, drain for about 60 seconds and place back on stand. Stand your plant in good indirect lighting. 

Enjoy this fun decorative plant in your lowly lit kitchen window sill or well lit bathroom or give one as a gift. 

Contact for larger orders for center pieces and events.