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Unsweet Immune Tea - 64oz

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This is our first ever Tea blend. This is exciting because within this tea and the others which will follow, we combine our cold-pressed juices as well as powerful immune boosting herbal loose leaf teas and other super herbal blends. 

This particular blend is a seasonal peach, lemon and shatavri immune balancing blend made with one of the most subtle loose herbal teas we could think of... Lemongrass! 

And that is all! Four simple ingredients. 

The more we discuss tea with friends, the more we realize the absolute necessity that is to be found in the local tea market. 

Many of us have, in our own gardens, powerful medicinal and healing herbs and we don't know it. 

While the root used in this tea, Shatavari, is native to Southeast Asia, India, Africa and Australia, this is a good example of an ancient herbal remedy living on. Nature is timeless. 

This tea is unsweet and can be stored up to four days. You can drink cold, over ice or heat up and add some local honey sweetness. 

The healing benefits of Shatavari are worth looking into and we will do more to share these benefits over social media and in our email newsletters so stay tuned. 

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