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Join us on February 5th for a morning of nourishment, hydration and psychosomatic empowerment aka Take The COLD Plunge!! 

Arrive between 8:30 and 9:00am. 

Plunging into near freezing temperatures certainly has its benefits. For the athlete, cold plunging is great for circulation, blood flow and joint health! Also, I’d like to mention the mental health benefits for your vagus nerve and your entire central nervous system. We recommend three to six minutes. The cold plunge temp runs about 40 degrees. This is both invigorating and stimulating. We will do powerful breath-work & a yoga flow prior to the plunge to prepare. 

After plunging into the extreme cold, step into the infrared sauna or get into the hot tub. 

You may also choose to get back into the extreme cold and into the heat again. This technique of back and forth has been shown to lower blood pressure and has even more amazing benefits for muscle recovery for athletes and, again, joint health. 

Green shots & our Orange Immunity juice as well as coffee available throughout your morning with us!

NEW // CHANGE UP :: Chia Pudding Bar!! - we will prepare two types of chia pudding (cocoa and matcha) and have toppings available for you to create your own pudding bowl. We will have, both, vegan & organic whole milk options available. 

We will provide Reverse Osmosis water all day so bring a refillable! 

Why do I cold plunge, you ask?
Both my body and mind benefit from doing challenging things and this is tough. If you haven't taken a cold plunge yet, you are in for some major results. By exposing your body to high stress in a controlled environment, you will become better at facing and responding to stress in your day-to-day!! 

Follow your cold plunge with ten to fifteen minutes in the infrared sauna!! This is a full spectrum heat and light therapy with benefits ranging from (aside from the warmth after that cold plunge) cellular regeneration, improved blood circulation, skin, muscle & organ detox, local pain relief, weight loss and improved/regulated blood sugar! 

I am so excited to have the opportunity to share this experience with you yet again. We hope you will keep coming back. Bring a friend, daughter, co-worker, brother or neighbor or come alone! You will not leave without some new connections and a lighter body. 

we will be finished by about 12:30. If you want to stay for another infrared sauna session or get back into the Plunge we will be around until about 1pm 

Contact Sherry with questions @ 619-900-8310

or call Ellie Price @ +1 (517) 282-3729

Bring: yoga mat, swim suit, towel & water bottle 

location :

3481 Henderson Rd
Columbus, OH 43220